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Services from Our Metuchen Eye Doctor & Team

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In Focus Eyecare is proud to offer the widest possible range of optometry services for Piscataway NJ and surrounding areas. Our Metuchen eye doctor and team can provide you and your loved ones with:

Routine Eye Exams in Metuchen 

Our routine eye exams in Metuchen are anything but routine when it comes to the critical benefits they offer. Regular comprehensive eye exams allow your Metuchen optometrist to detect potentially blinding eye diseases in their earliest stages, while also checking your vision for refractive errors.

Contact Lenses in Metuchen

We're your one-stop shop for contact lenses in Metuchen, from the initial vision exam and contact lens exam to the final fittings. We can provide a wide range of contact lens types even for "hard to fit" conditions.

Ortho K

Ortho K is a revolutionary type of contact lens that you wear as you sleep. The Ortho K lenses are designed to reshape your corneas temporarily for clear, lens-free daytime vision. These lenses can even help minimize the progression of myopia in children.

Eyeglasses and Frames

We're your source for glasses in Metuchen! Our eyeglasses come in various lens options and a dazzling variety of designer frames.


Do your sunglasses provide 100 percent protection against damaging UV rays? If you're not sure, check out the stylish, eye-friendly selection offered by our eye doctor in Metuchen.

Computer Vision Treatment

Computer vision is an occupational hazard of the digital age that causes chronic eye strain, fatigue, headaches, dry eye and other unpleasant symptoms. Your Metuchen eye doctor can prescribe helpful lifestyle changes, glare-filtering lenses and other remedies to help you work without strain.

Dry Eye Therapy

Dry eye, a condition in which the eye is deprived of a normal, healthy tear film, can cause some serious problems. In addition to irritated, itchy, red eyes, the lack of protection may lead to corneal infection or damage. Your Metuchen optometrist can discover the underlying cause of your problem and prescribe the appropriate dry eye therapy to correct it.

LASIK and Other Surgical Co-Management

If you're planning to undergo LASIK or some other form of eye surgery, we can help make sure all goes well. Your eye doctor in Metuchen can provide essential surgical co-management in the form of pre-operative and post-operative care.

Make an Appointment With Your Metuchen Eye Doctor

Whether you're in the market for a new pair of glasses in Metuchen or you need comprehensive eye exams from a skilled Edison eye doctor, In FocusEyecare has got you covered. Call our Metuchen or Piscataway office to schedule an appointment and learn more about our many services! Call us at 732-549-3555 today!