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State-of-the-Art Cataract Treatment in Metuchen

Cataracts are one of the most common causes of vision loss in older men and women in the U.S. Each year, millions of people have cataract surgery to remove their clouded lenses so they can see more clearly. In Focus Eyecare is a trusted provider of preoperative and postoperative cataract treatment in Metuchen, offering customized care solutions focused on the specific needs of each patient.

senior with eye cataract

What are cataracts?

A cataract is actually your eye’s own natural lens that’s become clouded. Your lens is located behind your pupil. Light that enters your eye passes through the lens, which focuses the light on the back portion of the eye, the light-sensitive retina. The retina works with the optic nerve to transmit information to the brain, which in turn "translates" that information into the images we see.

Cataracts form when the protein in your lenses clump together and the lens becomes yellow and opaque, blocking light from reaching the retina and causing your vision to become dim. Over time, the cataract can become more and more opaque, eventually preventing any light from reaching the retina and causing complete loss of vision. Most cataracts form as a result of aging, but injury to the eye, long-term use of corticosteroid medications and diabetes can all cause cataracts as well.

What symptoms do cataracts cause?

In their very early stages, a cataract may cause very few noticeable symptoms, but as the lens becomes more clouded, you might experience symptoms like:

  • blurry or cloudy vision
  • difficulty seeing in dimly-lit environments
  • “halos” around lights
  • fading of bright colors
  • extra sensitivity to glare and bright light

Having routine eye exams is very important for "catching" cataracts early.

How does a Metuchen optometrist treat cataracts?

Treatment begins with a comprehensive eye exam to evaluate your vision and your retinas, looking for signs of cataracts, and if they’re found. In the early stages of cataracts, you might be able to improve your vision with brighter lighting and magnifying lenses to make it easier to read and do close-up work. But eventually as the cataracts progress, you’ll need to have surgery to remove the clouded lenses and replace them with artificial lenses.

The optometrists at In Focus Eyecare work closely with the area’s top eye surgeons with significant experience in cataract surgery. And our doctors will work closely with you too, providing you with education and guidance so you understand what to expect during the surgery and afterward during your recovery. Once your surgery is complete, our medical team will provide you with follow-up care to help you during the recovery process.

Contatct Your Leading Metuchen Eye Doctor

As a top-rated Metuchen optometrist practice, In Focus Eyecare provides state-of-the-art, comprehensive eye care services for men and women with cataracts and other eye conditions and diseases. If you’re having problems with your vision or if you need to have your eyes evaluated, call In Focus Eyecare at 732-549-3555 and schedule an examination and consultation with a leading Metuchen eye doctor today.