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Glasses & Lenses: Coatings Available at In Focus Eyecare, Your Metuchen Optometrist

If you are coming in to see your Metuchen optometrist for new glasses or lenses, we’ll talk to you about all of the product options available to you. One of the options you have has to do with the actual coatings located on the lenses. Coatings can help to improve your vision but also help to protect the glasses themselves. At In Focus Eyecare, our team is dedicated to providing you with the very best treatment options for your vision. That’s why we offer the very best line of products including the latest in glass coatings. How can your Edison optometrist help?

Woman enjoying her new glasses outdoors in Metuchen

What Lens Coatings Are Right for You?

When you come in for glasses in Metuchen, our goal is to offer recommendations to you based on the specific type of product for your needs. For your eyeglasses in Metuchen, we may recommend any of the following lens coatings.

Anti-Reflective Coating: This type of coating, often called anti-glare or AR coating, is rather commonly used. It is a very thin layer applied to your eyeglasses. It works to stop reflections from the back and front surface of the lenses. This helps to make the lens invisible and allows your eyes to focus on what you are seeing rather than on any reflections on the glasses themselves. They also work to stop glare that can occur and disrupt your vision. This is very important for night driving. It’s recommended for all eyeglasses.

Scratch-Resistant Coating: Protecting the lens itself is always important for users. When we apply this type of coating to the front and back of your glasses, we create a surface that is clear, but less likely to be damaged by scratches. It’s important to note that this is not a guarantee that your glasses cannot develop scratches, but it helps to eliminate most of them. We highly recommend this for all users, especially for children’s eyeglasses.

Anti-Fog Coating: One of the lesser common, but very valuable types of lens coating is the anti-fog addition. If you live in an area where the climate is cold, or changes quickly, fogging of the lens can lead to near-immediate loss of vision. This protective layer helps to ensure there is no limitation to your vision when temperatures change rapidly.

Ultraviolet Treatment: We are now recommending the use of UV light protection on all eyeglasses. This helps to work like sunscreen to keep the sun’s powerful and dangerous UV light from harming your eyes. Adding a UV-blocking dye can provide up to 100% protection.

Which eyeglasses in Metuchen are right for you? We can help you find out.

Call Us to Get Glasses in Metuchen through Your Metuchen Eye Doctor

Whether you come in to see your Edison optometrist or your Metuchen eye doctor, we’re here to help you find the best product for you. When you get an eye exam and then glasses in Metuchen, we’ll talk to you about each of these lens coating options and how they can benefit you. Call us today to schedule a consultation: 732-549-3555.