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Eye Exams From Your Optometrist in Metuchen

Your eyes play such a crucial role in helping you perceive, appreciate and participate in your world that you must do everything you can to keep your eyesight in good working order. This is true not only through your working life as an adult but also in childhood, when eye and vision are still developing, and in the senior years, when age-related diseases can strike. The smartest thing you'll ever do with your eyes is to schedule regular eye exams here at In Focus Eyecare. Your optometrist in Metuchen (Dr. Corbin-Smith, Dr. Latorre or Dr. Lam) can evaluate your eye health, function and vision, recommending any necessary treatment to help you hang onto your eyesight for life.

woman getting eye exam

An Eye Care Essential for All Stages of Life

Proper eye care is important for anyone and eye exams play an essential role in that eye care. But one size does not fit all where these evaluations are concerned, which is why your eye doctor in Metuchen will screen for specific issues at different stages of life. In small children, for example, eye function testing is particularly important. The first years of life are crucial ones for developing the eye-to-brain connection that makes visual coordination possible, so we will take special note of issues such as strabismus, amblyopia, eye team or tracking errors and poor depth perception. As adults reach their 40s, a vision problem called presbyopia commonly occurs, making near-distance focus a strain. Senior eyes must be watched especially closely for diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma.

What to Expect From Your Comprehensive Eye Exam in Metuchen

Annual eye exams are a must, even if your vision seems fine. This is because some of the leading causes of blindness do their damage covertly, possibly for years, without alerting you to any problems. Your comprehensive eye exam in Metuchen will touch all the major factors that go into healthy eyes and clear vision. For instance:

  • Your eye doctor in Metuchen will ask you about your medical history, previous eye exams and any symptoms you've experienced lately.
  • A series of eye function evaluations can alert us to the presence of errors that may call for vision therapy or other corrective techniques.
  • Your Metuchen eye doctor will dilate your pupils and look inside your eye to check for retinal or optic nerve abnormalities.
  • Vision testing reveals how clearly you can focus at different distances, allowing your Metuchen eye doctor to find your prescription for correction of any refractive errors that are limiting your eyesight.

Do the Right Thing for Your Family's Eye Health Today -- Call Your Metuchen Optometrist

Now that you see the importance of that regular eye exam in Metuchen, take steps to ensure the eye health of every member of your family -- including yourself. Call 732-549-3555 to schedule an eye exam with your Metuchen optometrist!